Learn how to Dance Hip Hop right now!

Welcome to your hip-hop dance studio

This is my dance studio – your place to learn how to dance hip hop… here is where your private lessons will take place.

You are definitely at the right place! In the studio’s program you will learn how to dance hip hop step by step, using the help of numerous video clips and my personal guidance.
through the online dance program you will learn: how hip hop dance is made, the way hip hop dance combinations are broken down, creating new combination, and how to put all of these together in order to get the most interesting product– A professional hip hop dance.

Do you know what’s hip hop combination?

Just a few words before we begin to move. Like I said before, the hip-Hop dance is first broken down into combinations, Then each combination is broken down into counts, and each count into movement. In the end all the moves and all the combinations are put together, and the dance is formed. In order to learn Hip-Hop, we will learn step by step how to create combinations, and then put them together into dance. now you know what hip hop combination is.

Warm up before you move

Hip-Hop is a very intense dance that builds balance, strong muscles, and great figure.
In order to achieve the maximum results for you, I suggest you always warm up before you start, just like all professional hip hop dancers do.

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I will guide you through a simple warm up that will help your body move freely, and will prevent injuries. As You will see in the video clips, the warm up is really fun. Click here to start the warm up, or click on the video for my quick dance warmup.

So after we have warmed up, we’re ready to start. The dance Studio is at your service!

Learn how to dance hip hop – start your hip hop dance lessons!

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if you haven’t done it yet, click here to start the hip hop workshop – the complete dance program – beginners to advanced.

Mor Barr

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Lesson #1 – Learn how to dance hip hop right now! take your first hip hop dance lesson!

lesson #2 – Continue to learn how to dance hip hop – take your second hip hop dance lesson!

lesson #3 – learn more hip hop dance steps

lesson #4 – Your fourth lesson of hip hop dance moves

lesson #5 – more instructional dance videos are waiting for you at your fifth lesson!

lesson #6 – continue to learn hip hop dance in your sixth lesson

lesson #7 – learn to dance hip hop – lesson #7

Lesson #8 – more free hip hop dance steps for you!

lesson #9 – learn new hip hop dance instruction

lesson #10 – learning hip hop dance online – your 10th hip hop dance lesson

lessson #11 – More great free hip hop dance routine is waiting for you at your 11th lesson

lesson #12 – Hip hop dance lesson 12

lesson #13 – Learn more hip hop dance steps online at your 13th lesson

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